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Want to participate in the Crayola Color Cycle Program? photo

Want to participate in the Crayola Color Cycle Program?

Poplin Elementary School is participating in the Crayola Color Cycle program this school year. This is a program that allows students to turn dried out markers into fuel. Crayola will recycle any brand marker, including dry erase markers and highlighters.

The program is simple. Students collect dried markers and Shannon Helms, Poplin’s Art Teacher, sends them to Crayola. There is a box for students to drop off dried out markers in Mrs. Helms’s classroom. Helms said, “As students come to art for their weekly lessons, they drop off the dried out markers. I hope that everyone will be willing to participate in this great opportunity to eliminate unnecessary waste and reduce our footprint!”

To learn more about the Crayola Color Cycle program visit:  http://www.crayola.com/colorcycle.aspx


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An Eggcellent day! photo

An Eggcellent day!

In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday in March, Ms. Boger's third-grade class incorporated eggs into their day. Student's watched the video for the book, Green Eggs and Ham, and looked inside of a white egg. Then, they were presented with a green egg, and had to write their predictions on what they believed to be on the inside.  Answers ranged from green, spotted green, and "normal". When the green egg was opened, they found that it was no different from the white egg. A brown egg was also opened to confirm that the eggs all look the same.

Discussion began on how the eggs were like people. We all look different on the inside, but we are the same on the inside. Student's discussed the adage, "Never judge a book by a cover", and talked about how all people have feelings and emotions.

Lastly, students wrote a persuasive essay based on one of two prompts. They were able to choose between, "Write a persuasive about a food you didn't think you would like, that you do like, or a persuasive about a food that you like that most kids don't."

All in all, students an an "eggcellent" day!



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