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Learning About Leadership Traits

Since the beginning of school, all Poplin students have been learning about leadership traits each week.  A few of the traits are:  Fair, Responsible, Caring, Perseverance, etc.  The goal of learning about the different traits is to grow Poplin students into valuable citizens.  

At the beginning of the week, teachers present the trait and give good and bad examples of how the trait is used.  For example as students learned about the trait “Respectful” they learned good examples of this are taking turns, saying please and thank you, and using kind or helpful words.  Examples that students don’t want to use for respectful would be not saying please and thank you, talking when another person is talking, or not paying attention when someone is speaking to you.  After learning about the trait, then classes have a discussion and talk about opportunities in the school where they can demonstrate the trait of the week. At the end of the week each teacher nominates two students who have represented the trait.  On Monday mornings, Mr. Broome recognizes these students during the morning announcements.  


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Community & Family Support:  Building Literacy Skills photo

Community & Family Support: Building Literacy Skills

This school year Poplin Kindergarten families have had three opportunities to learn more about building literacy skills at home. Hosted by the Kindergarten Teachers, these evening events have given families a chance to learn about reinforcing literacy, math, and writing skills at home. The last event held on March 26th was themed “March Madness.” Families came and played games about healthy foods, math games, literacy games and went home with activities to get their child ready for first grade.

The March Madness evening event was coordinated with the Spring Book Fair during which families had a chance to shop for new books. Each family received a folder that was filed with ideas about to stay healthy and safe, and build literacy. Families also received free books which were purchased through a grant that Kindergarten Teacher, Cheryl Tresher, received from the Union County Education Foundation.

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