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Poplin Celebrates Fifth Grade Students Moving Forward to Middle School photo

Poplin Celebrates Fifth Grade Students Moving Forward to Middle School

Poplin Elementary promoted 103 fifth grade students on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 during the Fifth Grade Promotion Ceremony. The ceremony began with Principal Scott Broome as he welcomed parents and families who came to celebrate this milestone with their child. Fifth grade students Bella Rowland and Merilyn Thomas led the Pledge of Allegiance. Then each fifth-grade teacher presented a certificate to the students. Following this, the fifth-grade students sang “Time of Your Life,” by Green Day. Then teachers showed a slideshow of pictures from the school year. Assistant Principal James Eversole made closing remarks.

Then all students in grades Kindergarten - Fourth Grade lined the hallways along with all the fifth grade parents and families for what has become an annual tradition at Poplin, called the “Clap Out.” Fifth grade students walked each of the hallways with their teacher as the music, “Pomp and Circumstance,” was played throughout the school. The whole school community came into the hallways to clap and wish the fifth graders congratulations as the students took their final walk of the Poplin hallways.

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5th Grade Student Makes 42 Foot Rainbow Loom Bracelet! photo

5th Grade Student Makes 42 Foot Rainbow Loom Bracelet!

Brooke Nadata, a fifth grade student in Ms. Peck's class, like most Poplin students this year, loves rainbow loom bracelets. In fact she loves them so much she decided to see how long of a bracelet she could make. So for six weeks Brooke worked on her bracelet and by the end of it had made a bracelet 42.6 feet long!

Her parents, Vic and Danielle Nadata said, “It was great to watch Brooke’s dedication. It took a lot of hard work, and a lot of time. We used to say she looked like an old granny sitting on the couch knitting. We couldn't believe how long it was getting. We used to measure it every so often by laying it on the floor to see how long it got!”

When asked what the hardest part of making the bracelet was, Brooke said, “To get the determination every day and not being able to play so I could finish it.” Brooke says she enjoys showing it off to people. This was Brooke’s first knitting project. Brooke’s other hobbies are dancing, singing, and sleeping. Brooke has a twin sister, Amber, who is also talented, and has singing in common with her sister.


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