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Academic Excellence Awards

The Academic Excellence Award Ceremony for Poplin Elementary students took place on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at Porter Ridge High School. Congratulations to the following students who were recognized from Poplin Elementary:  

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARDS - This award is given to two students from each grade level per school with the highest academic averages (based on specific criteria).  

  • Grade 3 - Jordan Battista
  • Grade 3 - Garrett Cotter
  • Grade 4 - Jade Knight
  • Grade 4 - Hayden Roper
  • Grade 5 - Abby Brame
  • Grade 5 - Cecilia Reichert

MOST IMPROVED AWARD - This award is given to the student who has demonstrated the greatest level of academic improvement for this year only.

  • Grade 5 - Mario Duran

YES, I CAN AWARD - This award is given to students who have demonstrated the highest level of working hard to achieve goals for this year.  

  • Grade 3 - Yassin Ali
  • Grade 3 - Addison Vinson

PRINCIPAL'S AWARD - This award is given to the most well-rounded student in school.

  • Grade 5 - Olivia Santos

SUPERINTENDENT'S LEADERSHIP AWARD - This award is given to the student who exhibits the strongest leadership characteristics.

  • Grade 5 - Emilee Batchelor
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Poplin's Got Talent! photo

Poplin's Got Talent!

The following students participated in the annual Poplin’s Got Talent Show on April 17, 2015: Bailey Hinchey, Ava Blackstock, Giovanni Wilches, the Splash Kindergarten Class, Hannah Wright, Ava Perez, Kat Kuhn, Kara Volpe, Cobi Tucker, Kyla Coakley, Cristy Gerasimchuk, Kamryn Stewart, Zoe Logan, Cora Antweiler & Aubrey Pace, Anastasia Korotkova, Hailey Isner & Neha Kondeti, Kate Miller, Priscilla Patyk, Kayle Thomas, Tatiana Dudina, Lana Patel & Journey Moore, Jazmine Carol, Aliyah Miller, and Alex Cunningham.

The winners from each grade level are listed below.

Kindergarten - First Grade:

First Place - Ava Blackstock, 1st grade

Second Place - The Kindergarten Splash Class

Third Place - Bailey Hinchey, 1st grade

Second - Third Grade:

First Place - Cobi Tucker, 2nd grade

Second Place - Hannah Wright, 2nd grade

Third Place - Kara Volpe, 2nd grade

Fourth - Fifth Grade:

First Place - Alex Cunningham, 4th grade

Second Place - Jazmine Carole, 4th grade

Third Place - Lana Patel & Journey Moore, 4th grade


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